FTP Services


When sending files utilizing our FTP use an appropriate program such as Fetch,  WS-FTP or FileZilla. Also, be sure to label the documents uniquely and send an email or fax with complete instructions and file names to alert us that you have transmitted a file. We receive a high volume of files on our FTP site. We will need to know which ones relate to your project.

Stuffing your job into one archive file prior to transmission is highly recommended.

Use your FTP program with these settings:

Address: ftp.digitalimaginginc.com
Username: diiftp
Password: Please call for password 781-595-2121 (or email me at michael@digitalimaginginc.com)

Document Submission Information

Digital Imaging accepts files created with the most popular software.
(Please inquire regarding current versions available.)

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Quark Xpress

Digital Imaging does not support Microsoft products for reproduction. Files submitted in Microsoft formats will be produced entirely at the customer’s risk.

This includes:

Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Word