Notes from “the other side”

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Oct 182012

Digital Imaging has completed its physical move. For those of you who were unable to reach us last week, we apologize. Our phones and internet service were interrupted while we switched to a more powerful fiber optic system. While we are not fully operational just yet, we have our computers, phones, and internet services back on line.

We anticipate a return to “normal” by early next week as we unpack, regroup, and get organized. We appreciate you patience as we work out the bugs and find a place to put everything.

Just to reiterate our new market position, we will continue to create digital archival prints from both electronic files and artist’s originals as we have in the past. We will also continue to scan and electronically restore legacy images as well as historic photos of local sites, which will be available through this web site. We are also continuing to produce commercial large format graphics for interior and exterior applications. Please feel free to request a quote on your next project. And finally, we will continue to offer copywriting, typesetting, and graphic design services.

Watch this site for updates. And thanks for staying in touch!


Feb 242011

Xerox has discontinued the popular C1S dull coat 12 point cover we so frequently call on for post cards, note cards and posters. We are currently in testing of a similar product to take its place. The good news is that the new product will be stocked in a 12.5″ x 19″ sheet size, which will translate into additional possibilities in finished bleed sizes. This will be in addition to the 13″ x 19″ 100#  C2S dull coat Nekoosa cover we currently carry. Watch for additional details as we  complete the testing. We anticipate that pricing levels will be about the same as for Impact.