Notes from “the other side”

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Oct 182012

Digital Imaging has completed its physical move. For those of you who were unable to reach us last week, we apologize. Our phones and internet service were interrupted while we switched to a more powerful fiber optic system. While we are not fully operational just yet, we have our computers, phones, and internet services back on line.

We anticipate a return to “normal” by early next week as we unpack, regroup, and get organized. We appreciate you patience as we work out the bugs and find a place to put everything.

Just to reiterate our new market position, we will continue to create digital archival prints from both electronic files and artist’s originals as we have in the past. We will also continue to scan and electronically restore legacy images as well as historic photos of local sites, which will be available through this web site. We are also continuing to produce commercial large format graphics for interior and exterior applications. Please feel free to request a quote on your next project. And finally, we will continue to offer copywriting, typesetting, and graphic design services.

Watch this site for updates. And thanks for staying in touch!


Making Salem State Speakers Shout

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Mar 032011

The “billboard” is located right on Rte. 1A in Salem, visible to northbound traffic. Once again, Salem State selected Digital Imaging to create this yearly banner. The product we selected was Tuff-Coat, a scrim vinyl with an exceptionally scuff-resistant surface. Due to the size, lamination was not an option so we needed the strongest surface available. To enhance the UV resistance, we used a liquid varnish that will substantially retard fading and surface damage from rough weather. It has to last until September, through the rest of this horrid winter and what may be an equally tough summer. Tuff-Coat is rated for up to a year in exterior use; this will be a pretty good test of that durability.

Neither rain nor snow….

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Mar 022011

This 25-foot banner is printed on our standard vinyl with a PSL (pressure sensitive laminate) to protect it from the weather. It has been on the side of the Salem State University O’Keefe Center since last Summer and it looks as good today as it did the day they put it up. This combination of materials is an excellent solution for large banners that are going against a wall, fence, or other fairly solid structure. Proper installation is key to its longevity; we don’t put all those grommets in for fun. Our standard vinyl is a 15-mil multi-layered product that prints beautifully, has great opacity and can  obviously stand up to the elements.