Aug 162017

It’s not often that I add a new paper to our inventory. If you’ve ever visited our “basement” office, you know space is at a premium so I’m pretty picky about what I stock. For those who use the very popular Museo Max, our newest addition, Hahnemuhle’s Bamboo, offers a similarly smooth surface with a warmer white point (83 vs Museo’s 91) and a heftier weight (290 gsm vs 250 gsm for Museo).

Hahnemuhle’s Bamboo is made from 90% bamboo fibers and 10% cotton, with no optical brighteners added, and is guaranteed to meet archival standards. The use of bamboo makes this paper a much more environmentally-friendly medium.

Bamboo is the world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo represents spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. Particularly suitable for warm-toned color and monochrome prints, Bamboo really highlights the sensuality of images.

Pricing is the same as Museo Max, so if you have a piece of art that will benefit from the warmer feel of this quality watercolor paper, give it a try.

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