Feb 182014

We’ve added two Salem and one Swampscott pictures to our on-line catalog.

In Salem, we added “Juniper Circus,” one of our earliest restorations and “Cyclists,” a great photo of unicylists with classic handlebar mustaches.

The 1926 4th of July celebration in Salem was special…it also celebrated the 300th anniversary of Salem’s founding by Roger Conant. Juniper Point (Salem Willows) sent a huge contingent (reportedly 100 strong) to the “Antiques, Horrible and Grotesque Parade.” This event was an annual competition with the winner getting the prodigious sum of $100. With the theme of “Under the Big Top,” “Juniper Circus” was one of the floats that was entered. They won first prize. We have previously posted the “Freaks” float and will soon be adding the “Sheik of Scare-Um and Hay-Rum,” another of the group of winning floats.

The “Cyclists” photo has five unicylists with their huge, graceful bikes. Three of the young men have classic handlebar mustaches, one has a chest full of medals, another with just a few, and a cyclist trophy decorated with minature unicylists on a low table. These guys were serious.

In Swampscott, we added a great shot of two Swampscott policemen posing with an early model police car. There are several photos of both Police and Fire Department personnel and apparatus in the collection.

We’re just getting started with listing our Swampscott photos so stay tuned!


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