Jan 162014

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update this site, and we have come a long way. Starting this week, we’ll be adding new images regularly to our site. These images will be available for sale as museum-quality digital archival prints (giclée).

While the images on the site will necessarily be a rather low resolution, prints from their high resolution files can be enlarged substantially with no loss of quality. You can read the price tags in the shop windows, count the buttons on the fireman’s jacket, and find candid vignettes of turn-of-the-century life everywhere.

There are photos, post cards, maps and print ads ranging from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. Sometimes, we’ll have a lot of information about the image, sometimes all we have is a picture. We scan them on a high resolution scanner, retouch scratches and missing pieces, balance density and reprint on a high resolution printer. We have sold these prints over the last several years strictly on a referral basis but now want to offer them to a wider audience.

Our Salem listing is already growing; it will soon be followed by our Swampscott images. We’ve created a new email account just for print ordering: digitalarchivalprint@verizon.net. All prints can be on semi-gloss photo paper, watercolor paper or canvas and can also be produced as note cards.

FreaksOur latest addition is called “Freaks.” It is one of several images connected with the 1926 Fourth of July Celebration in Salem. The celebration that year in Salem was special… it also celebrated the 300th anniversary of Salem’s founding by Roger Conant. Juniper Point (Salem Willows) sent a huge contingent (100) to the “Antiques, Horrible and Grotesque Parade.” The parade was an annual competition with the winner getting the prodigious sum of $100. With the theme of “Under the Big Top,” this was one of the floats they entered… and won first prize. There are several other images of some of the other floats I’ll be posting in the future.


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