Aug 192012

Douglas Adams was a very funny man. We shall miss him. But I’m sure he would be agreeable to my hijacking the title of his 1984 book to announce that Digital Imaging is saying “so long” to many of its customers as we close down our Salem operation at the end of September.

Of course, this is some pretty serious stuff, but we would hate to have anyone out there feel badly about it. While we will certainly miss the day-to-day snappy repartee we so often share, the camaraderie, and the crazy dance we do as deadlines near, we shall not look back.

We are no longer the young folks we once were. I am within shouting distance of 70, and by the time you read this, will probably be a grandfather (for the first time)! It becomes increasingly difficult to continue to do many of the wild and crazy things this profession demands. Not that they aren’t still challenging and gratifying. The nature of the job hasn’t changed, but we have.

So we stand at the crossroads and have to decide if we want to sign up for another four years. The internet has again lowered the value (and standards) of print beyond the damage done by “desktop publishing.” Overhead costs continue to soar and the marketplace where quality is the main concern continues to shrink. And “the road less taken” begins to look pretty good.

Almost all of our customers have by now been informed of this decision. But don’t expect this web site to disappear. We are not going away, we are simply once again, evolving.

Our new rebirth is as a more focused Digital Imaging. We will continue to provide graphic design and photo retouching work, scanning, and producing prints on our high-end 12-color HP. Call them giclée or call them Digital Electronic Archival Prints, they will be the part of Digital Imaging that will endure. Look for a posting of the many Salem and Swampscott prints we have restored (and will continue to restore) and will be selling on this web site. Production facilities will be moving into our home studio in Swampscott.

We will continue to work with artists, photographers, and anyone who seeks to create lasting images in print or purchase an image of the past, frozen in time forever. It is the kind of work that is closest to our hearts and this change will allow us to devote more time to it.

If anyone out there has a need for equipment, we are currently in the process of selling of most of our short run color and large format devices and a lot of furniture and fixtures. Please give us a call for a complete list.

For those we will no longer service, we shall indeed miss you.

But, as Douglas Adams put it so well, “thanks for all the fish.”






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