Weather-proof Synthetic Paper

 Posted by at 1:20 PM
Mar 012011

March is sure to bring some serious storms. And for those who need to get out in the weather no matter what the weather, dealing with printed materials in the rain can be a frustrating experience. But we’ve got a product that will not run, turn to mush, or suffer from exposure to rain, snow, sleet, coffee, or an occasional beer. It’s a non-tear synthetic plastic paper we can print on through our DocuColor. The result is a pretty bullet-proof sheet for in-the-field usage. Other applications are short-run color and/or black and white labels for products that are stored outside (e.g. fertilizer, compost, ice melt, etc.), charts and instructions on board watercraft, poolside notices, etc. Give us a call for a quick quote on this great weather-proof printing solution.

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