Magnetic Paper?

 Posted by at 1:31 PM
Feb 252011

Well, almost. Our new material is just a bit thicker than cover weight, but thin enough to not tip your mail scale to the next postage increment. Our customers have already used it for contact information for tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, emergency numbers… sticks to service panel doors, water heaters, etc.) and more creative applications as well, such as save the date cards for weddings/bar & bat mitzvahs (they always go up on the refrigerator anyway). Best of all, it runs right through our DocuColor; short run color or black and white. So anything we can print on paper, we can print on a magnetic sheet. The cost is attractive as well: in full color, about $1.90 a letter-sized sheet in small quantities (10-25) and as low as $1.20 in big runs. Ask for a sample and we’ll send it out.

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